Playroom Gallery Wall

A year ago, when we moved into ‘The Arched Manor’, I was unpacking all the boxes and came across a big stack of our kiddos artwork that had been sent home from daycare. There was no way I could see myself parting with it, and I also felt guilty about boxing it up and putting it in storage. So, what I decided to do is not mind blowing to many of you, but I chose to display it! Their playroom in our current home is, I’m not going to lie, pretty boujie and actually has a fireplace, but what better place to display their art!

I tossed around the idea of hanging two wires stacked on top of one another that I could hang their art onto with clothes pins, however, to keep in theme with this boujie playroom, I decided to put them into matted frames that I could eventually refill with prints later on down the road.

After taking some measurements, we decided that 2 rows of 3 frames would fit best. I was able to find 6 matching frames from HomeGoods that were 11×14 but matted to fit 8×10 photos which fit their artwork perfectly!

I am now realizing after recently taking these photos that it may be time to update the artwork in these frames to some of their more current work! It is so sweet to see how excited and proud they are to look up and see some of their accomplishments!

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