Officially Launched – E-Design and 3-D Rendering Services!

1021 Home now features e-Design services and 3-D rendering services!

We are so excited to announce that we have launched two new services for 1021 Home: e-Design and 3-D Rendering! We quietly soft-launched these on our website a couple months back and have already helped a few clients with their design projects and renders. We. Love. This. Stuff. 

E-Design Service

Featuring our unique design style through our Instagram account has been such a fun experience for the both of us and we have had many people inquire about whether or not we offer design services for other people. Until recently, we did not have the platform and processes in-place to work with clients or help them with their designs. However, we have been working hard behind the scenes to get this up and running!  E-Design is a great way for us to help others design spaces and is a low-risk, low-cost option to get a great design plan that you can shop for on your own time! 

Please see the new e-Design page on our website for all the details, but here are three things you should know:

Three Things to Know about our e-Design Service:

E-Design by 1021 Home

Find out more about our options and how we can help you with your design project!

3-D Rendering Service

Being able to see a design in three dimensions before anything has been purchased is a huge advantage and is something we feel is moving from the “nice to have” categorization to the “must have”.  We use the latest software and third party plugins to model rooms, spaces, and structures and create photorealistic images that closely show what the final result will resemble.  Design or structure changes can easily be made at this stage and various options can be explored before a single dollar is spent!

We have already helped several clients during our soft-launch and have had so much fun helping them in making decisions on their spaces. We offer several different packages for 3-D rendering and can customize any package to fit the project and client requirements. Check our our new 3-D Rendering Service page for details! 

Three Ways to Use 3-D Rendering:

3-D Rendering by 1021 Home

We take this seriously. Find out about our various rendering options to fit your project needs!

Check out some of our Rendering work:

Ready To Work Together?

Check out our Services page to purchase an e-Design package or 3-D rendering package!

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