Gift Guide for Kids

  1. Kids Chair – The perfect spot for your kid to eat snacks, watch TV, or pile all their crap on. Removable cover can be washed (thank god!) and can be personalized with their name.
  2. Bounce House – Commonly referred to as “the babysitter” in our house. Inflate this Little Tikes bounce house and your rugrats will romp for hours!
  3. Hover Board – Why walk when you can hover? They will love the speed and agility of this hover board.
  4. Tent – Everything is better inside a tent and this one pops up easily and won’t fall over like that $300 pottery barn tee-pee that’s slumped against a wall in your basement.
  5. Kinetic Sand – It’s real. It’s a thing. You need it. Much less messy than real sand and stays soft and pliable for years.
  6. MagnaTiles – Great for building towers, and knocking them down. Then repeat that process about 245,00 times. Fun!
  7. Moon Night Light – Surprisingly realistic thanks to the textured plastic, this LED moon looks uber-cool at night and can display 8 different colors. Just don’t have it next to a sign that says “Love you to the moon and back”, your kids will wonder which moon you are talking about.
  8. Pinball – Train your kids early so they are prepared for the real pinball machines when they get older…or by then it will probably be an augmented reality virtual pinball game. I feel old.
  9. Spooner – Great for balance and practicing for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. “Tubular!”
  10. Crystal Growing Kit – A fun home-based activity that your kids will love to look at and see the growth each day. As Ross Gellar says, “Geology Rocks!”
  11. Kerplunk Game – A true classic! Pull the straws out and the marbles will fall. Simple fun!
  12. Mini-Golf – Great for hand-eye coordination and can be setup all throughout your house. Add props and other obstacles to make this even MORE fun!
  13. Play Kitchen – Teaches them the basics and promotes creative play. Then they can take their newfound skills to the real kitchen and make you a sandwich!
  14. Noah’s Ark – Comes with all the fun animal accessories that go inside and is made of quality wood. To be determined whether it can float in a bathtub…
  15. Large Giraffe Toy – Because small and medium giraffe toys are so 2004.
  16. Tractor – This Power Wheels is surprisingly fast and your kids will love hauling all your mail and/or amazon packages back to the house!

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